Monday, September 17, 2012


When the Sun dawns at the horizon
Our mood lights up like a thousand illumine
The tempest of life subsides and
Calmness and tranquility pervades
How it happens?

When drizzle creates the music of anklets
Sombre thoughts stir the brain
The memory of past and present encumbrances
Apprehensions in raised and serene mood embraces
How it happens?

When the birds sing the melody of nature
It is a feast to ear for every creature
Tickling desires start caressing
Foster thoughts starts surfacing
How it happens?

Contentment and detachment are not the answer
Neither enrichment of mind nor pain and pressure
Liking and disliking is human nature
Happiness and satisfaction is the birthright of every creature
How it happens?

We know what is right and what is wrong
Still we sing the flirtatious song
Our mind succumbs to dazzling desire
Willing to experience the blissful fire
How it happens?

Can we ever remain happy and satisfied?
By crushing our desire and emotions crucified
Can we ever reach the moments of a crescendo?
Without breaking into pieces from the trifling tornado
How it happens?

Love is the only answer for our solace
It is the ever satisfying story of a preface
It has the unruffled effect on our body and mind
And will take us to the journey of divinity of its kind.

Suman Saran Sinha
August 23rd, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012


Nature has made us with all simplicity
Whereas we grew in the garb of duplicity

God wanted us to have some morality
Some honesty, truthfulness with complicity

Whereas in the race of falsehood and superiority
We forget the reality and importance of frugality

We let go our anger, ego, greed and cruelty
This creates rampage inside and outside with totality

If we continue to go Hayward with polarity
We will never get the inner peace with perpetuity

Listen to Suman and create a universal fraternity
That is based on truthfulness, love and respect for each other lasting until eternity

Suman Saran Sinha
March 16, 2012
(Copyright © 2012) 


When I see the suffering humanity
Dearth of love, compassion and universal fraternity
Ever increasing pollution, pushing us towards calamity
Making our future bleak with no certainty

My heart cries in Unisom rhyme
For not heeding to the warning sign

And my thought rebels with me and goes mutiny
That one-day we will have to make tryst with destiny

But we are the sons of God
And attached to him with umbilical cord

We have the power to change the world
With our conviction and wisdom unfurled

We have to unite and take collective actions
For bringing harmony and peaceful tractions

Then only the humanity will blossom once again
And we will cherish this planet without sorrow and pain

Suman Saran Sinha
October 12th, 2009

(Copyright © 2010) 


From where we have come and who are we
But certainly we are not moving flesh, neither animal nor bee

We describe ourselves as humans
And suffer from sorrows and perversions

Some of us are happy and some are sad
Our society is made of good, evils and bad

Some are profoundly rich and some are miserably poor
Do not know the cause and think we are doer

The reasons of our existence is a mystery
And the answers cannot be found in the books of chemistry

To get the answer we have to look deep within ourselves
The way divers look deep in sea for shells and pearls

And meditate on our inner soul
Which holds the liquor of life, like in a bowl

 It is the core of our existence
Which can be discovered only by penance and persistence

It is nothing but the pure consciousness
Which transcends from body to body with its awareness

Our body, mind and senses are covered with illusion
But our soul is pure and beyond the ambit of any confusion

Suman Saran Sinha
November 8, 2009
(Copyright © 2010) 


Rain o Rain, your drops stir my brain
They make me pregnant with thoughts
Some are fresh, some stale and fraught

Who am I and why I come
Again and again on this earth
To go through the cycle of death and rebirth

Is it the influence of undying desire?
Or succumbing to illusion
And all its blissful fire

O rain, the way you fall and flow
Worldly desires have made our
Path of salvation slim and slow

Suman Saran Sinha
October 12, 2009


Cloud O Grey Cloud

You make me feel shy, but proud

You move freely in the sky and behave like scouts

That activates my conscience and my inner voice shouts

O Grey Cloud,

You move together in bunches and give each other punches

And hearing the sound of your clout, my feelings sprout

Convey my message of love to my dear

Who is lost in her thought and cannot hear

Your roar and rain drops will wake her up

And she will think of me while pouring tea in a cup

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


On the road, people are walking and cars are running

Some are cheerful and some are frowning

Everybody is in a rush to go home

And relax in a bathtub with foam

Their dear one’s must be hungry and waiting

Therefore everybody is driving fast and sweating

Again tomorrow they will start the same

In order to earn the bread, butter and fame

It is the routine of our modern daily lives

Therefore do not rush O my brothers, husbands and wives

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


O dew drops, when I look at you
You remind that we humans are like you

The way you come and leave impressions on leaves and plants
We do great karmas, and leave memories of our deeds and wants

O dewdrops inside you, I see crystallized rainbows
As if you have embraced the beauty, from head to toes

O dewdrops, the way you lay still on a petal and leaf
Spreading the splendour of nature, just like coral and reef

O dewdrops your existence may vanish with a blow of air
Our lives are also gone, without proper upkeep and care

O dewdrops, therefore never be proud of your existence
Be humble, gracious and maintain your glory with persistence

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
 (Copyright © 2010)


When I look around and see people happy or dazed

I dwell upon to think and my apprehensions in raised

Is it the effort of a man, for his failure or achievement?

Or is it their karma, resulting in rewards or punishment

Sometimes the effort and foresightedness go Hayward

And one suffers heavily and goes down and backward

We are forced to think, how things go wrong

But cannot get the answer and sing a sad song

Modern science cannot define the true reasons
Why people enjoy or suffer from mental treasons

Therefore one should look, beyond the worldly thing

The answers to the woes, only spiritualism will bring

The karmas of past lives is rewarding or inflicting

As such one should sing the glory of God and get his blessing

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


Whenever Dharma lost glory on Earth
Divine souls like Ramakrishna took birth

To establish the truth and righteousness
He served the mankind with all his virtuousness

He was the source of love and kindness
And he loved goddess kali with all his madness

He spread the message of love and humanity
And blessed us all with his presence and divinity

He established the existence one Brahman and its truthfulness
Which enlightens soul and kills demons of darkness

He was married to Ma Sharda, a goddess reincarnated
Who served him with devotion and his ideals inculcated

Out of his disciples Swami Vivekananda was the best
Who established the Vedanta Society with his wisdom and quest

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


It is the grace of the almighty, who lives somewhere in blue
Who is all-powerful and mighty, and we have no clue

Our thought and perception is lost due to his illusion
And this keeps our mind in a state of delusion

If we have to get his blessing
To get out of this mental casing

Then we should pray with full devotion
And activate ourselves into the state of spiritual motion

This way we will cross the cycle of, death and birth
And we will uplift our soul, from bottom of the hearth

Suman Saran Sinha
October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


Our brain is the most complicated structure

It is the reservoir of emotional feelings without stricture

Sometimes it gives immense pleasure and happiness

And sometimes emotional breakdown with immense sadness

Sometimes small events can make our mood high

Or can make our mood low and dry

At times money, power, or position makes us happy

And sometimes the same things make our mood frustrated and crappy

Sometimes we are happy in the midst of nature and good company

And sometimes they make us lonely or make our mood funny

No materialistic pleasure can ever be sufficient

Nor the health, wealth, or the mental coefficient

There is no permanent solution to happiness

It never stays the same with steadfastness

But there is one solution to the peacefulness of mind

This will give the everlasting bliss of its kind

One will have to surrender completely to God

And tune his or her mind to the almighty with an iron rod

Without craving or expectations of any kind

Making us humble unwavering and defined

If we are true and faithful to ourselves

Inner peace and harmony will set in themselves

This will provide the tranquility and the calmness

That is the secret of everlasting happiness.

Suman Saran Sinha

October 6, 2009
(Copyright © 2010)


Whenever I see people with their weird responses

Lack of courtesy and magnanimity

My mind ponders and thought bounces

Is it the character or the background that works?

Or the selfishness, self-centeredness

Or the ego that lurks

Why can’t a person be kind and generous?


Simple and virtuous

The answer lies in our mental clemency

Persistence in good thought,

And generous actions with consistency

Suman Saran Sinha

August 18, 2010

(Copyright © 2010)